Take A Solid Stance In Your Workplace

We’ve all heard horror stories about being chained to your traditional office chair 9 to 5. The list of the detrimental effects associated with sitting for long periods of time is massive. Strained necks, sore shoulders and backs, and foggy brains are just the beginning. Fluidstance is the latest product to be used in conjunction with a stand-up desk to combat long periods of sitting and keep you lively during office hours.

Repurposed Skateboards Make for Stunning Guitars

Prisma Guitars are built entirely out of old skateboard decks. With slick colour combinations, high quality craftsmanship and a sound to rival the industry’s top brands, it goes without question that each Prisma guitar is equally worthy of a wall mount or in the hands of a serious shredder.

Mike Basich on Going Off Grid

Pro-snowboarder, Mike Basich, tours his self-built 225 square foot home in the middle of his 40 acre snow covered property near Truckee, CA – and shows how being close to nature drives his most creative decisions.

A Chair of Style and Substance

The leather upholstery. The molded walnut. The sleek, rounded shape that begs you to ease back with a single-malt in hand, stereo remote in the other, kicking off your work shoes and reminiscing on the day’s achievements. If you want a make a statement with your furniture, the Eames Lounge Chair is the definition of style and comfort.

From Streets to Stools

Skaters know all to well the pain of throwing away an old, broken deck. It seems like such a waste to just throw them away. Well a group of talented skaters and carpenters had the same thought and deckstool was born.