LISTEN TO THIS: Tame Impala – Eventually

With every new piece of music they release, Tame Impala strengthens their case for inclusion in lists of the greatest Australian bands of this generation. Kevin Parker and co. are straight up killing it, and their latest album ‘Currents’ is predictably epic. Let this tune catapult you into the weekend.

Night Surfing at Wavegarden

Ready to catch waves at midnight? Suffering from insomnia? No problem. The world’s first artificial wave pool turned the flood lights on. The night surfing era has just begun.

Alex Coleborn Euro BMX Edit Released

Alex Coleborn can bust bigger moves on his BMX, than we can manage while bashing the buttons on our Playstation controller. This reason alone makes this insane new edit of Alex all the more impressive.

Spectre Trailer – Bond is Back!

A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. Daniel Craig returns as 007 in his fourth Bond film, Spectre, and this time it looks like he’s getting some of the classics back: henchmen, gadgets and fast cars!

LISTEN TO THIS: Blur – Parklife

It’s a special Splendour in the Grass edition. Flare up, everybody. This weekend is the holy grail of Australian music festivals. Chances are you’re either knee deep in mud in Byron or kicking yourself for not getting a ticket. Either way, turn this up loud and you’ll feel a little bit better for about three and a half minutes. Party responsibly, people.

unReal Mountain Bike Flick Released

To celebrate the release of the must see mountain bike flick unReal, the makers have released one of the most remarkable sections of the film. Featuring slopestyle MTB master Brandon Semenuk going hell for leather down a manicured trail, which was captured in one single piece of footage.

The Revenant – Teaser Trailer

Everyone’s favourite Hollywood playboy is back on the big screen with his latest cinema outing, The Revenant. Leo plays legendary explorer Hugh Glass, who is brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team.


SAFIA’s newest tune is huge. Bouncey goodness like this makes us feel like we’re drinking beer and it’s summer, which is perfect for a Friday. Wrap your ear holes around this one and thanks us later. Their national tour kicks off at Splendour in the Grass next weekend – suss out the dates on their Facebook page.

Batman v. Superman – Comic-Con Trailer

Over the weekend, superfans were treated to a brand new look at the highly anticipated comic book movie, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. First shown at the annual San Diego Comic Con, the trailer has now been released online in HD.

LISTEN TO THIS: Tora – Calming Her

Listening to Tora, it’s easy to tell these dudes were raised in the coastal oasis that is Byron Bay. Mellow beats and buttery melodies are their steeze, and the pipes on these young men will make your eyes roll back in your head. Enjoy, and happy Friday.

Sri-Lanka – Life or Dream

Prepare to add a new country to your ever growing list of travel destinations. Sri-Lanka has quickly shot up our list of places to explore thanks to the new video from Alexander Tikhomiro.

Bill Murray Rocks The Kasbah

A washed-up music producer played by Bill murray finds one last shot at redemption with a golden-voiced young girl (Zooey Deschanel) in Afghanistan. Need we say anymore…

Bikini Babes Bomb Giant Water Slide In Texas

When you’re deep in the depth’s of winter grasp, it’s easy to find yourself fantasising about warmer days and far away tropical destinations. This includes the entire TGM team who’re jealously drooling over these lucky suckers sunning their buns and guns in the Texan sun. The BSR Cable Park features one of the world’s tallest and longest water slides called “The Triple Treat”. Watch these beautiful bikini clad ladies bombing the slide in all its glory.