Gaper Day 2015 – Whistler

The last day of ski season in Whistler means getting wet and wild, and celebrating sun, snow and the people who love them. Whistler goes out with a bang and a splash with Gaper Day 2015!

Weekly Waterworks: Denali

Denali is short film by the clever cats at Felt Soul Media about the death of his best mate, Denali. Not only is it incredibly well shot, it’s also yet another example of why man’s best friend has four legs, a wet nose and a wagging tail. Be warned, you might want to take your pooch for a run or something after this.

Terrifying Everest 2015 Movie Trailer Released

This September the movie based on real events from the 1966 Mount Everest disaster will terrifyingly hit the big screen. The story-line is set around two expedition groups and their trek to the summit of Mt. Everest and somehow surviving mother nature’s brutal and unexpected wrath. Good luck…

Surfing’s Top 5 Aerial Specialists As Voted By The Pipeline

The Pipeline, the Internet’s only show dedicated to cutting sick, explores all things surfing with resident shredder Jed Smith. In this episode: Filipe Toledo at the Oi Rio Pro, Courtney Conologue’s second win on the trot and a tribute to aerial pioneer, Shawn ‘Barney’ Barron plus heaps more!

The North Face Releases Chile Summer Daze

Careful preparation and planning for any expedition is paramount, but certain elements cannot be controlled. When Roland Morley-Brown and Clint Allan arrived in Chile to unseasonably warm weather, and barren peaks at Valle Nevada, they were left searching for pockets of snow-drift. Snow-thirsty and on the hunt for powder, they were driven to chase the weather. Filmed by Andrew Buckley of Short Films.

Mad Max 4 Sneak Preview Of Set Or Something Else Entirely?

Local skiers and snowboarders recently took to what looks like a post-apocalyptic ruin and bombed down the slopes of the wreckage without a speck of snow in sight. The now abandoned Sheffield Ski Village was completely wiped out by fire back in 2012, but local skiers and boarders are trying to rally support to restore the village to its former glory.

New Balance Numeric – “Sunland”

Since skate shoes have been in the public conscious, New Balance have been at the forefront of the game, producing high quality shoes for professionals and casual riders. They reinvigorated the skate shoe industry with the launch of their Numeric brand in 2013 and now they are back with a new vision.

Point Break – Official Trailer

When Point Break was released in 1991, it marked the beginning of a generation of new adrenaline junkies pushing gravity to the limit. So is it possible that we could see a new age of extreme in this new remake?

Black Mass Trailer #2 Released

Watch the latest trailer of Black Mass, a true story of Whitey Bulger, the brother of a state senator and the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Boston, who became an FBI informant to take down a Mafia family invading his turf.

Coco de Mer Just Blew AP Out Of The Water

Renowned fashion snapper Rankin & creative director Walter Campbell recently collaborated with erotic brand Coco de Mer on a new video projected called, “X.” The campaign features flashes of provocative and stimulating visuals that are meant to stimulate conversation around the taboos that are present within the fashion industry.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – Trailer and Gameplay

It’s now become an annual tradition for the latest Assassins Creed game to drop us into a new world of adventure. Well now we have our first look into the latest tale, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, which drops players into Victorian London for some good old fashion fisticuffs and top hats.

The Last Witch Hunter Official Teaser Trailer

Vin Diesel plays the last remaining witch hunter who must battle against an uprising of witches in modern day New York. ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ also stars Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood and Michael Caine. In theaters October 23, 2015.

Skater James Kelly Goes Warp Speed In The Western Sierras

The Arbor Collective recently produced a short video on team rider James Kelly to support the launch of his new pro model. The video perfectly showcases the speed, grace and complete insanity required to make it in the sport of downhill skateboarding. And yes, James properly eats shit at high speed right at the end of the flick!

Guitar Hero Live Launch Trailer

It’s probably been years since you considered picking up your plastic guitar and tapping out your favourite tunes in front of the TV. But Guitar Hero will always hold a special place in the hearts of a gamers, inspiring a new generation of music fans and guitar players.

New Entourage Movie Trailer Released

The FINAL installment of the epically entertaining Entourage series is almost upon us. Coming to cinemas this June, the feature length film has huge expectations to uphold. Pimping parties, smoking hot babes, killer cameo’s and a life of excess that us plebs could only dream of. Sounds like Entourage.

Action Packed Hawaiian Shore Break Shot In Slow-Motion

Bodyboarding pro’s; Danny Sepkowski, Seabass Perez & Andre Botha take to the water with fellow shooter/shredder Jarrett Lau for a three hour shore break session at Ke’iki Beach in Hawaii. The boys scored hefty 6-8ft+ waves in knee deep water resulting ridiculous barrels and bone crunching finishes that any chiropractor would be proud of.