Ridgemont Outback Shoes For Everyday Wear

Ridgemont Outfitters is a go-to footwear brand for the weekend wilderness warrior, with a range of boots designed to withstand the rigours of the outdoors whilst keeping your style game on point. In other words, they’re the perfect all-rounders for everyday wear.

2015 Nike Tech Fleece Collection Announced

Mixing classic designs with the most advanced technical garment innovations, Nike have just released their 2015 Tech Fleece Collection. Backed by some of world top athletes including Cristiano Ronaldo, Naymar Jr. and Maria Sharapova, this is a sports performance range to rival all others.

Lacoste Drops FW15 Sportswear Collection

Dubbed ‘Fairplay’, the vintage-inspired collection celebrates team spirit, sportsmanship and, of course, joie de vivre: a testament to the French way of life. This season’s collection takes on a whole new meaning to previous collections while remaining true to the brand’s sporting spirit.

Armogan Time Pieces

Born in a small town in Luxembourg, Armogan is the brainchild of a group of friends who decided to design their own watches, because if you want something done right, you do it your damn self.

The Accidental Awesomeness of Lanona Shoe Co.

America is no stranger to quality, handmade boots and shoes but few brands can replicate the style and functionality of Lanona Shoe Co. Made to order and built by hand, Lanona Shoe Co.’s range of footwear will stand the test of time and stylishly distinguish you from the herd.

19th Century Eyepieces Might Just Be Back

Vint & York is a vintage-inspired eyewear shop in New York City with a penchant for the 1920s. Their latest release, the Prince-Nez reading glasses, reimagines a classic design with modern styling for the versatile gent.

New Balance Numeric – “Sunland”

Since skate shoes have been in the public conscious, New Balance have been at the forefront of the game, producing high quality shoes for professionals and casual riders. They reinvigorated the skate shoe industry with the launch of their Numeric brand in 2013 and now they are back with a new vision.

Men’s Label Parca Equipment Co. Drops A/W 2015

Australian apparel brand, Parca Equipment Co. has launched their Winter 2015 range; From the Wood to the Hood. Taking inspiration from the natural world around us, Parca Equipment Co. produces high quality threads that fit in and perform on the trails as well as they do on the streets.

Wrangler x The Black Math

Creating mixed media pieces inspired by street culture, The Black Math (TBM) is a Melbourne based artist infusing tribal and graffiti inspired line art with photography. Exclusive to General Pants, TBM x Wrangler collection is the union of black, white and vintage denim with a mix of street edge, classic 90’s DIY slacker aesthetic and Wrangler’s rich vintage denim history. 

The North Face Fuse Uno Jacket Is For Serious Climbers

The North Face – a brand synonymous with keeping people warm and toasty in the brutal cold of winter, has raised the bar with their latest range of jackets. They’ve packed them full of new technology and designed a jacket specifically for The Climber, The Adventurer, The Runner and The Rider. In this post, the Great Manifest looks at the Fuse Uno: a high-tech jacket for the serious alpine mountaineer or climber.

Putting The Suit Into Wetsuit

After a long days work, no surfer wants to waste precious surfing minutes changing from their work clothes into their wetsuit, and thankfully, Quiksilver’s latest wetsuit collection means they no longer have to.

Vint & York Vintage Sunglasses

Vint & York is a vintage inspired eyewear shop in New York City. They make frames inspired by the fly guys of 1920’s New York. The Jay Gatsby partygoers. The rebels. Those that know how to carry themselves and thrive on artistic expression.

ZZ Drops Fall 2015 Collection

So, you think you’re in good stead because you purchased a card and organised some flowers for your better half to celebrate V-day. Congrats… Here’s a hot tip for all the blokes out there. If you REALLY want to impress your lady, you need to get her something special when shes not expecting it (a week or so after Valentines Day). For ultimate brownie points (a.k.a bedtime points) pick up a little something from the fresh Australian swimwear label Zulu & Zephyr. You can thanks us for the advice later!

Capitalise on Summer Style

We’ve made it through. Winter is over and now it’s time to set our sights on spring and summer. What better way to welcome the warm weather than by updating your style with a fresh hat from the guys at Thrd Eye? We got our hands on the latest release of their Five Panel Caps and we like what we see…

​Parca Equipment Co.

Conceived in Melbourne Australia, Parca Equipment co. is an independent outfitter and manufacturer of men’s clothing, accessories and equipment. Intended for use in the street but designed to withstand the elements in  wide-open spaces of the greater outdoors.