POC Fornix Helmet Stacked with Beats by Dr. Dre

Swedish ski and snowboard equipment manufacturer, POC, has partnered with audio giant, Beats by Dr. Dre, to offer an urban sporting communication system with unparalleled audio quality. Simply connect the helmet to your smartphone for complete music and phone call control.

Connected Cycle Upgrades Your Pedal Power

It’s time to give your bike an upgrade and turn it into a smart bike! The Connected Cycle pedal is the world’s first connected pedal, providing a simple solution to bike theft for regular bike users as well as data from your ride.

Embrace Your Sporty Side with House Of Marley

Rugged and waterproof, the House Of Marley CHANT BT Sport is the latest and greatest audio device for the outdoor enthusiast and extreme sports buff. This new portable speaker is ready to hit the beach, slopes and mountain bike trails at the drop of a hat.

2015 Nike Tech Fleece Collection Announced

Mixing classic designs with the most advanced technical garment innovations, Nike have just released their 2015 Tech Fleece Collection. Backed by some of world top athletes including Cristiano Ronaldo, Naymar Jr. and Maria Sharapova, this is a sports performance range to rival all others.

Nike Shoes Lend a Hand

Everyone wants the latest pair of shoes from Nike. However, those with physical disabilities aren’t always able to put the shoes on without assistance or can’t find a comfortable pair. Matthew Walzer suffers from Cerebral Palsy and he wrote to Nike hoping to find a pair of shoes that he could put on by himself. Luckily, Nike wrote back.

Jawbreaker – Protecting Eyes

You may not think it, but one of the most important things to protect when you’re riding your bicycle is your eyes. Not only does your vision need to be clear, but you need to block out the glare of the sun and keep debris from blinding you. And when you think sunglasses your first thought should be Oakley.

Pain Is Not Your Mate

For more than 30 years, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines have been used by individuals and health professionals to relieve pain but until recently, have been expensive, bulky and difficult to operate.

Nike’s Original Classic

If the Air Max 1 ignited a revolution, then the Air Max 95 defined the franchise’s legacy. Modeled after the human body, designer Sergio Lozano brought to life an unimaginable design in 1995, that the world had never seen at its time. Twenty years later, the Air Max 95 returns in classic form with original detailing celebrating its extended legacy.

Put a Trainer in Your Ear

The hardest thing about working out can be finding the motivation. If you can’t afford a trainer every day falling into a pattern of putting off your daily routine can become very easy. Luckily you can have your own personal trainer in your ear thanks to the Jabra Sport Coach Headphones.

Abysse Wesuits Just Brought Sexy Back

Most would tend to agree that wetsuits aren’t the most flattering garment for aquatic activities. That was until Abysse went and created a range of sexy women’s wetties that are likely be contributing to the effects of global warming.

TGM x Huckberry Collaboration

Huckberry is essentially a collection of everything you’ve ever wanted in one place. Powered by a team that tirelessly combs the web for the coolest products and gear, Huckberry is an online store that is unlike anything else. Outdoor gear, camping gadgets, clothing, footwear, writing utensils, grooming products and more. If it’s worth having, you’ll find it on Huckberry.

Audi’s Two-Wheel Lightweight Wonder

The name Audi is usually associated with the hottest, sexiest cars on the market, made with lightweight materials, powerful engines and slick designs. But the German prestige car maker is applying their skills to a another mode of transport, trading in four wheels for two and pedals instead of a motor.

Track the Tide with Nixon

The sea is a fickle mistress and can punish you with bad waves as much as good ones. But if you could consistently know where the good breaks are you’d be set for life!

Vigilante’s On The Run

For some serious fitness enthusiasts, the gym is a thing of the past and working out outdoors is the ultimate test of stamina, strenght and endurance. But winter makes that difficult and the idea of working up a sweat outside seems like a big commitment,

Putting The Suit Into Wetsuit

After a long days work, no surfer wants to waste precious surfing minutes changing from their work clothes into their wetsuit, and thankfully, Quiksilver’s latest wetsuit collection means they no longer have to.


Witness the Fitness: Wireless Headphones Review

These days it’s all about going wireless. Connect via Bluetooth or external network and blissfully go about your day without the shackles of tangled wires and cords. Never one to be left behind, the team at The Great Manifest were keen to get in on the action and test-drive a pair of wireless sports headphones from Raw Audio.

A Chilly New Snow Sport Is Born In Bosnia

In his constant pursuit of new challenges, wakeskating pioneer Brian Grubb paid a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina and headed for Olympic mountain Bjelasnica, 25 kilometer from Sarajevo. His vision was to take wakeskating completely out of the summer environment and put it in winter conditions. 

Z3 -See Winter Differently

The days of simply skiing down the mountain with goggles that are essentially sunglasses are well and truly over. Just look to the Z3 GPS from Zeal Optics, which are not only stylish and functional, but provide you with your on the mountain stats in a convenient heads up display, which you can also share online.