Cabinet of Pixel Wonders

There’s something about the arcade games of old that modern consoles can’t replicate. Their iconic style once littered arcades around the world, but they have seemingly disappeared for more modern upgrades. However now your bachelor pad can sport of these relics of the past that contain a bit of modern style.

MixedMade Spicy Honey Will Knock Your Socks Off

The folks at MixedMade are on to something. They produce some of the finest spicy honey and syrup you can find, and while it may be tough determining whether they’re best served with savoury or sweet dishes, one thing’s for sure: you will not be let down.

Heavy Duty Table Tennis Table Is Something To Behold

Railyard Studios has reinvented the humble Ping Pong table into a thing of beauty, using pieces of a rail network that are over 100 years old to craft one of the finest tables you’ll ever see. No longer will the billiard table be the main centrepiece in a man’s cave.

The Wooly Mammoth Lives On

Take your cooking back in time with kitchen knives forged in the Ice Age, complete with handles hewn from genuine Mammoth bone.

Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Tone-Up Culture

Although the term cafe racer initially started as a slur against the riders, it’s now worn as a badge of pride – with many second, third and fourth generation motorcyclists grabbing their clip-ons and setting off from the local cafe. Now you can own your own piece of cafe racer history.

Rack Your Bike

Bike storage is a tricky obstacle for any rider. Simply leaving your two-wheeled beauty in the hallway will get the job done, but takes up valuable space. Finally there a bike rack that’s worthy of displaying your most prized possession.

The Casper Mattress is ‘The Instrument of Dreams’

New York City’s startup scene is bursting with ideas, innovation and energy. Casper, a new-age mattress company, has emerged from the masses and is taking the country by storm with quality mattresses delivered direct to your door.

MIITO is Your Cup of Tea

MIITO is the stylish and clever replacement for your kettle. Heating only the amount of water you need saves energy and this classy little beauty isn’t limited to just water. Hot chocolate, soup, a tea that was forgotten and has gone cold; MIITO does it all.

A Taste of Bollywood

Backyard cooking has evolved from the humble fire to the kettle barbecue to the modern day smoker. Well now the backyard takes another step in turning your backyard into a fully fledged kitchen, with the Bollyhood Tandoor & Pizza Oven giving your latest culinary creations an authentic Eastern and Middle-Eastern flair.

Gifts For The Man Who Has It All

We’re all about discovering services to make our lives just that little bit easier. Man Mail is a unique men’s gift service that will take the guess work out of any man-present that you’re likely to have to purchase ever again.

Floating Record Vertical Turntable

Music is one of the great joys of life and music fans can’t deny that it simply sounds better coming from vinyl. There is something about a vinyl record player that elevates not only the sound of the music but the feeling in the room that can’t be replicated on digital. Which is why this Kickstarter project immediately caught our eye.

Robotic Mowing Precision

Mowing is generally wouldn’t be high on your list of weekend activities. For those more interested in spending time relaxing in the garden than straining, the Husqvana 305 Automower may be the mowing robot for you.

TGM x Huckberry Collaboration

Huckberry is essentially a collection of everything you’ve ever wanted in one place. Powered by a team that tirelessly combs the web for the coolest products and gear, Huckberry is an online store that is unlike anything else. Outdoor gear, camping gadgets, clothing, footwear, writing utensils, grooming products and more. If it’s worth having, you’ll find it on Huckberry.