117km/h Wind and Rain? There’s an Umbrella For That

It is a well-known irony that on the days you need to use your umbrella the most – the wettest and windiest – it is almost inevitable that your umbrella will have some kind of catastrophic blow-out, deeming it unusable. That was until Blunt Umbrellas, a New Zealand company, revolutionised the umbrella design and created a brolly to be reckoned with.


Piegon & Weasel Sparks a New Flame

Over the last couple of years, scented candles have made a massive resurgence into homes around the globe. Until fairly recently they were marketed entirely towards the ladies, however, Sydney candle makers Pigeon & Weasel decided it was time to break the mould, and make some new scents for men who appreciate a nicely scented cave.

Perfect Your Own Coffee at Home

Whether you’re a devotee to ground coffee or prefer the simplicity of a pod solution, the Dedica Manual Coffee Machine is compatible with both, so you can choose your favourite variety and enjoy a perfectly blended coffee every time.

Victorinox Makes Light Work in the Kitchen

If a craftsman is only as good as their tools, surely a chef is only as good as their knives. The new limited edition Rosewood Grand Gourmet Collection is the perfect balance of craftsmanship and style.