Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Tone-Up Culture

Although the term cafe racer initially started as a slur against the riders, it’s now worn as a badge of pride – with many second, third and fourth generation motorcyclists grabbing their clip-ons and setting off from the local cafe. Now you can own your own piece of cafe racer history.

Hitting The Apex Trailer Released

Motorsport junkies rejoice. Hitting The Apex is a brand new doco that focuses on six of the fastest MotoGP racers of all time. It’s an adrenaline fuelled story of high stakes and chasing glory at over two hundred miles an hour.

Solo Setup For The Motorcycling Nomad

There are people among us, who crave solitude, the feeling of wide open spaces and the wind billowing in their hair. For those soul searching adventure junkies, there is only one tent that will suffice: the Redverz Solo Expedition.

Style on the Throttle

Your motorcycle gear should inspire a sense of style, without sacrificing your safety. This is the thought of the New York glove company Grifter, who are making motorcycle gloves that blend street styling confidence with vintage bravura.

Auto Fabrica Unveils Type 6

This is the latest build from the English custom motorcycle specialist and it’s bound to get tongues wagging. The Type 6 features a beautifully clean and minimalist design that will appeal to all those who appreciate a “less is more” philosophy.

Throttle On In Segura Style

A new age in motorcycle apparel is upon us here in Australia, with industry leading French label Segura set to hit our shores in August. Bringing with them a deluxe range of jackets, pants, boots and accessories, these products are made for the fashion-conscious motorcyclist who holds safety, versatility and style at the forefront.

Instructional Video: How To Ride Bitch

It’s one of those things that you alway wonder, yet never want to ask… According to this groovy instructional video, not only can you preserve your street cred whilst “riding bitch” with your mate. But it might also do you some favours with the dames too. Its a win win.

Gear-Up with the Ural Sportsman Package

Your adventures shouldn’t be dictated by where the road ends. In fact most good adventures begin when you travel off the beaten path and blaze your own trail. Thanks to Ural and their 2015 Sportsman Gear-Up package, the journey ends wherever you choose.

Tackling Motorcycle Style Hedon

Motorcycle helmet style masters Hedon, are known for their unique style and original design with a fine blend of old and new characteristics. Their recent Hedonist collection is pure helmet porn for the fast-growing contingent of cafe racer and custom motorcycle enthusiasts hooning around suburban streets.

Deus Electric Re-Energises The ‘Postie’

Fancy the fuel efficiency and freedom of a “Postie” bike but aren’t prepared to have your masculinity questioned in the process? Deus has the perfect bike for you. The long time connoisseurs of shit-hot bikes have unveiled the latest masterpiece: the Deus Electric.

Stunt Rider’s Push Victory Baggers To The Limit

Tony Carbajal and Joe Vertical of the Victory Stunt team do things with baggers you never thought possible. Watch these two go full-throttle at JenningsGP as they test the limits of their supercharged Victory baggers

Yamaha Tricity – An Alternative Approach

Traffic congestion is becoming an increasing problem in many Australian cities. When combined with economic and environmental concerns, it’s no surprise to learn that personal mobility is set to tackle these issues.

Tune Out On Two Wheels

There’s no reason you should miss out on your favourite tunes when you hit the road on two wheels. There’s even less reason to put up with poor sound quality. With Interphone’s latest release, the Fbeat, the only poor sound quality you’ll have to put up with is the relentless nagging from your better half as they try to convince you to park the bike and come home.