Stunt Rider’s Push Victory Baggers To The Limit

Tony Carbajal and Joe Vertical of the Victory Stunt team do things with baggers you never thought possible. Watch these two go full-throttle at JenningsGP as they test the limits of their supercharged Victory baggers

Land Rover’s Defender Returns to US in 2018

Despite being available in Australia, Europe and many other parts of the world, Land Rover hasn’t sold the Defender in the US since 1997. Finally, they are answering the prayers of many and redesigning the iconic vehicle for release in the US in 2018, to mark the company’s 70th anniversary.

An Easy to Reach Ratchet for Hard to Reach Places

GearWrench are the leading ratchet company in the US. Known to put innovation at the forefront, they create unique hand tools that have been designed with the ever-changing mechanical landscape in mind. This innovation is prevalent in the groundbreaking one-of-a-kind Drive Gimbal Ratchet.

A Brute Force To Be Reckoned With

Some like their vehicles sleek, fancy and fast, other prefer a more rugged design with the ability to take on any terrain. If you’re in the latter group then the Filson Edition AEV Brute is your Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary and Easter long weekend all rolled into one.

Ken Block: WILD in the Streets of LA

For fans of big engines and spinning wheels, every-time Ken Block releases a new video a tingle runs down your spine in anticipation for a masterclass in drifting. Well prepare yourself for another impressive showing as Ken goes WILD in the streets of LA.

Yamaha Tricity – An Alternative Approach

Traffic congestion is becoming an increasing problem in many Australian cities. When combined with economic and environmental concerns, it’s no surprise to learn that personal mobility is set to tackle these issues.

Tune Out On Two Wheels

There’s no reason you should miss out on your favourite tunes when you hit the road on two wheels. There’s even less reason to put up with poor sound quality. With Interphone’s latest release, the Fbeat, the only poor sound quality you’ll have to put up with is the relentless nagging from your better half as they try to convince you to park the bike and come home.

A Super Dad Deserves a Super Shine

Statistics show that Australians spend less than half as much on their Dads compared to their Mums on their respective days of appreciation. So, ahead of Father’s Day this year, why not break away from the norm and give Dad something he needs, wants and can actually use?

Shark Raw – Protecting Jaws

Those with an eye for style will be able to spot the iconic Shark shape from a mile off. Their cutting edge design is an instant status symbol, drawing praise from bike lovers and fashion pundits alike.