Conquer Everest with The North Face Mobile App

To coincide with the release of the Mountain Athletics range of gear, The North Face is launching a mobile app to help eager fitness fans prepare for big outdoor adventures with activity-specific strength and conditioning programs.

Climber’s Lightweight Companion

The NIAD™ climber’s knife is a compact, heavy-duty folder that’s ready for action. Designed by Hans Florine, a world record-holding speed climber from Lafayette, CA, it’s a minimalist knife with maximum function.


REVIEW: Suunto Core – A Watch For The Wildlings

The Suunto Core All Black has been developed for anyone that thrives on the great outdoors. Whether you’re hiking, surfing, skiing, snorkelling or camping, the Core provides keen outdoorsmen with the information required to get the most out of their wildest adventures.

Enter The Heimplanet

The Cave is the original inflatable tent from HEIMPLANET. Its unique design makes erecting your tent easier than ever before. Designed for people who love spending time exploring the outdoors. Just unroll, inflate and climb on in.

Solo Setup For The Motorcycling Nomad

There are people among us, who crave solitude, the feeling of wide open spaces and the wind billowing in their hair. For those soul searching adventure junkies, there is only one tent that will suffice: the Redverz Solo Expedition.

The Spire – Timbuk2 & Apple’s Love Child

A bag purpose-built for the major Apple advocates. The Timbuk2 Spire is your one-stop shop for transporting all your prized possessions. Offering high quality protection, versatility and the unique style synonymous with the San Francisco-based brand in one compact carry-all.

No Holes in Osprey’s Ozone

As experts in travel and adventure, Osprey constantly strives to make life easier for those who love to explore. There is perhaps no greater example of this ethos than the new Osprey Ozone series.

FieldCandy Tents Have Serious Swag

Ever wondered what it’d be like to fall asleep inside a book? Or wedged in a watermelon? How about dozing off under the stars wrapped in the glory of the American flag? Well now, thanks to FieldCandy’s psychedelic tents, you can!

A Knife Named James

According to The James Brand, the knife you carry says something about who you are. Here at The Great Manifest we tend to agree and appreciate a fine blade for its numerous applications. Whether it’s cutting up an apple on your lunch-break or cleaning a fish that you caught on the weekend, a knife is something you should never leave home without.

ARB Come to the Sleeping Bag Party

After extensive research and development, ARB has designed a sleeping bag with features that set it apart from the competition. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use during the colder seasons, the ARB sleeping bag is the perfect companion for the adventurous soul.

The Fastest Bike in the World?

Big claims are being made by leading bike manufacturer, Specialized, with their new S-Works Venge ViAS being marketed as the fastest road bike in the world. They say it shaves 2 minutes off your 40km sprint, and a massive 5 minutes off when combined with the skinsuit, helmet and shoes that were also released with the bike. Needless to say, it has the cycling world talking.

Sharbanz Shark Repellent

Sharks are a fact of life in the ocean. If you’re going to surf, snorkel or get involved in any other ocean based activity, it’s only logical that sometimes the oceans natural inhabitants are occasionally going to get a bit curious. Killing sharks isn’t the sollution, but this might be.

TGM x Huckberry Collaboration

Huckberry is essentially a collection of everything you’ve ever wanted in one place. Powered by a team that tirelessly combs the web for the coolest products and gear, Huckberry is an online store that is unlike anything else. Outdoor gear, camping gadgets, clothing, footwear, writing utensils, grooming products and more. If it’s worth having, you’ll find it on Huckberry.

The Tent With The Million Dollar View

Light, modular, versatile and the perfect piece of equipment for any “Into-The Wild” extreme camping buff. The Tentsile tent can be suspended between 3 trees or other large objects like columns, trucks or boulders. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new age of camping.

Light Cubed

Generally your camping gear, while good looking, boasts more utility than style. Torches especially seem to adopt the ‘function over form’ way of design. But the Swiss engineers from enevu have combined the two to create an outdoor light that wouldn’t be out of place in the most stylish of homes.

The Coastal Crew Hit The Hills In Vancouver

SRAM Bike Components just released the next installment of their In The Know video series. This time capturing Curtis Robinson and Dylan Dunkerton of the Coastal Crew who are in the spotlight bombing trails on the Sunshine Coast of Vancouver, Canada. This short film is a testament to how far filming, video production and downhill mountain biking has come in recent years.

The North Face Releases Chile Summer Daze

Careful preparation and planning for any expedition is paramount, but certain elements cannot be controlled. When Roland Morley-Brown and Clint Allan arrived in Chile to unseasonably warm weather, and barren peaks at Valle Nevada, they were left searching for pockets of snow-drift. Snow-thirsty and on the hunt for powder, they were driven to chase the weather. Filmed by Andrew Buckley of Short Films.

Jacket & Sleeping Bag Bundled Into One Napsack

Perfect for summer trips, couch surfing, music festivals, jumping into after snowboarding, surfing or any other activity that brings your core temperature down. The Polar Napsack will even be a hit with the professional couch potatoes among us who will likely find a huge amount of applications for these around the house too.