Men’s Label Parca Equipment Co. Drops A/W 2015

Australian apparel brand, Parca Equipment Co. has launched their Winter 2015 range; From the Wood to the Hood. Taking inspiration from the natural world around us, Parca Equipment Co. produces high quality threads that fit in and perform on the trails as well as they do on the streets.

Rumpl High Performance Blankets

The team at Rumpl believe the blanket you use everyday deserves the same attention to detail as a sleeping bag you might use 10 times a year. The end result is a premium and versatile blanket that can be used anywhere you go… or when you don’t go anywhere.

Outliers Ultra-Light Ultrahigh Backpack

A rolltop backpack made from some of the world’s most advanced materials. Lightweight and balanced so you can almost forget you have it on, stable and proportioned so it moves in sync with you. This is a backpack made to be worn, not carried.

Be The Camp Master With BioLite’s BaseCamp

One of the best things about camping is cooking a meal around the campfire. One of the worst things about camping is trying to manage battery levels on all your favourite devices. Enter BioLite’s innovative BaseCamp and you have yourself the ultimate addition to your campsite – a wood fire-powered stove that converts heat into useable energy for large-format cooking and charging.

Top Pick For A Pack

Until now every bag aficionado has had to make the tough decision between their sleekly fashionable bag or an outdoor pack with all the bells and whistles. But Topo Designs have developed a range of bags for every expedition whether its a city commute or a mountainous day trek.

The North Face Fuse Uno Jacket Is For Serious Climbers

The North Face – a brand synonymous with keeping people warm and toasty in the brutal cold of winter, has raised the bar with their latest range of jackets. They’ve packed them full of new technology and designed a jacket specifically for The Climber, The Adventurer, The Runner and The Rider. In this post, the Great Manifest looks at the Fuse Uno: a high-tech jacket for the serious alpine mountaineer or climber.

Kathmandu Drops 2015 Snow Jacket Collection

Gone are the days where you literally have to throw on six layers before you hit the slopes. Breathable, waterproof, insulated, all-in-one jackets are now becoming a must-have for any serious outdoors enthusiast, who wants to maximise their slope time and stay warm and comfortable while doing so.

The Impromptu Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

In an age dominated by tech gadgets, a pen can still make a potent statement in the workplace. That’s why Gerber collaborated with law enforcement professionals to develop the Impromptu Tactical Pen. A pen that can write in all weather conditions, break glass in the case of an emergency and handle any sort of physical punishment that you can possibly throw at it. Move over Parker, the Impromptu is the ultimate men’s statement pen.


Packable Jacket You Won’t Leave Home Without

When packing for a trip, making your pack as small and light as possible is your first challenge. Before you even walk out the door, you have to ensure that you are carrying only what you need, without sacrificing comfort or warmth. The Craghoppers CompressLite does this and more.


Capture the Action

These days action cameras are the hot ticket item for everything from snowboarding to surfing to capturing pranks played on your co-workers. But while GoPro is still the king of the mountain in this market, there is new competition emerging looking to dethrone the go-to action camera. Enter Kaiser Baas and the X100.

JIVR | Bike – the Future of Cycling?

Let’s face it – folding bicycles are rarely the envy of anyone. They’re clumsy, not very efficient and don’t really look right. Thankfully, someone may have finally made it work.

Everyone Needs a Good Wingman

They say a good wingman is hard to find. Well it just got a whole lot easier thanks to two clever Aussie mates. Frustrated after cycling to work and removing suits from backpacks with more creases than an elephant’s behind, these guys knew there had to be a better way. The Henty Wingman was born.

The Dime: Essential Spare Change

It’s not uncommon to find yourself a few cents short of a purchase and a 10 cent piece is all you need to get over the line. Such was the premise for Gerber’s latest multi-tool – the Dime: a compact and lightweight utility gadget that’s as essential to your pocket as the spare change you need for your morning coffee.

Muscle Up with Gerber’s StrongArm

Gerber has been producing military-grade knives since 1968 and in doing so, has solidified its position as one of the premier knife and utility-tool makers in the world. Their latest fixed-blade knife, the StrongArm, carries on the Gerber legacy in true fashion – with a tough-as-hell design for use in combat, outdoor and survival situations.

Boys Light Up

Another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that??” gadgets that’s practicality is only overshadowed by its simplicity.

A Brute Force To Be Reckoned With

Some like their vehicles sleek, fancy and fast, other prefer a more rugged design with the ability to take on any terrain. If you’re in the latter group then the Filson Edition AEV Brute is your Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary and Easter long weekend all rolled into one.

Espresso on the Go

If you’re still reverting back to the cheap batch of instant coffee when you head off on your outdoor adventures then the Minipresso will be a Godsend.

Z3 -See Winter Differently

The days of simply skiing down the mountain with goggles that are essentially sunglasses are well and truly over. Just look to the Z3 GPS from Zeal Optics, which are not only stylish and functional, but provide you with your on the mountain stats in a convenient heads up display, which you can also share online.