Drapeau Noir Fall/Winter 2015

Drapeau Noir (which means Black Flag in French) is an up and coming brand out of Paris producing simple and elegant pieces that fit easily into any modern wardrobe.

Solid State Compact Cologne for Men

Making a good first impression could make or break future friendships, business deals and relationships. Solid State is a collection of men’s care products for the urban voyager and their range of colognes create a serious allure of addiction. Get yours now.

Bombay Style and Sound

Parkman Sunglasses recently teamed up with Patterson Guitars and took the left over wood from the guitar building process and turned them into sunglasses. Snag a pair for any guitar player you know, and they are guaranteed to play 10 times better.

Pen & Pistol Artisan Wallets

Pen & Pistol – a boutique leather-goods brand emerging out of NYC – produce handmade wallets that leave stick it to the major brands behind with their superior style, quality and genuine character.

Sunglasses for Explorers

Action specs are great at keeping wind and debris out of your eyes through fast-paced sports and lifestyles, but often don’t look the part in the city. Enter the Explorer sunglasses from Aether and SALT., a new style designed for the urban as well as outdoor traveller.

Gentleman’s Essentials Delivered

There are a dozen reasons why buying your grooming and style essentials can fall by the wayside. Time constraints, apathy or simply not knowing what you need to buy, it’s far too easy to let it slide by. But what if you didn’t have to do the shopping and you could get everything you wanted delivered together in one handy bag each month?

Hemp Crop + Mini Ramp = Afends Collection

Byron Bay fashion label, Afends, has just dropped a fresh new hemp-based clothing collection. To celebrate, the team decided to build their own mini skate ramp in the middle of the biggest hemp crop in Australia. The Great Manifest say’s “Well played”!

Nike’s Original Classic

If the Air Max 1 ignited a revolution, then the Air Max 95 defined the franchise’s legacy. Modeled after the human body, designer Sergio Lozano brought to life an unimaginable design in 1995, that the world had never seen at its time. Twenty years later, the Air Max 95 returns in classic form with original detailing celebrating its extended legacy.

Wallet-Free is the Way to Be

Are you one of those people that always loses something when you go out for a couple of drinks? Bellroy’s new iPhone 6 case allows you to leave home wallet-free and still carry the necessary cards to keep you out of trouble. GENIUS!

Converse 2.0

There is no footwear more iconic than the Converse “Chuck Taylor” All-Stars. With more than a billion pairs sold, they are worn by everyone from grunge rockers to movie stars to the President of the USA. And now, for the first time in 98 years, they will be undergoing a grand redesign.

Style on the Throttle

Your motorcycle gear should inspire a sense of style, without sacrificing your safety. This is the thought of the New York glove company Grifter, who are making motorcycle gloves that blend street styling confidence with vintage bravura.

Maintain it to retain it

Most people would know that regular maintenance to a bike or car means you’ll have less problems down the track. This rule also applies to a gents skin and hair. Taking a bit of time to care for it now means that you’ll still be looking a million bucks in ten years time. Head & shoulder new hair retain range has been created to help us blokes keep our thick manes for many moons to come.

A New Fossil – Estate Casual Leather Backpack

The heart and soul of FOSSIL is about a unique kind of inspired creativity. Representing accessible cool, Fossil’s identity is anchored in vintage authentic style mixed with a creative spirit that is visible in all their products.

Luxury Watch from Military Elite

The green beret was the official headdress of the British Commandos during the Second World War and it went on to become a symbol of excellence in the US army. With that in mind Ball clearly weren’t messing around when they named their latest watch after it.

King Brown is an Instant Classic

Influenced by a time when men dressed with style regardless of their daily pursuits, and products were made to withstand time not trends. King Brown Pomade offers modern classic products that embody quality and tradition.

Own James Bond’s Omega Watch

Omega watches have been busy saving the day for Apollo astronauts (real life), and British secret agents (not real life) alike for over 45 years. Personally owning such a watch that may (or may not) save your life has got to be a good investment right..?

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer-Holder

Modern men are becoming increasingly aware of alternatives to the grooming products that they were using in their teens and spreading their washing habit wings. And as they grow up, some companies are recognising their customers are changing and releasing new products to cater to their modern consumers. Some companies are even offering entirely new products…

Adidas Release Yeezy Boost 350

Designed by Kanye West himself, the Yeezy Boost 350 is a sleek low top sneaker first debuted at the Yeezy Season fashion show in February this year. They hit select locations around the world today and already have sneaker freaks gagging for more.

TGM x Huckberry Collaboration

Huckberry is essentially a collection of everything you’ve ever wanted in one place. Powered by a team that tirelessly combs the web for the coolest products and gear, Huckberry is an online store that is unlike anything else. Outdoor gear, camping gadgets, clothing, footwear, writing utensils, grooming products and more. If it’s worth having, you’ll find it on Huckberry.