Solid State Compact Cologne for Men

Making a good first impression could make or break future friendships, business deals and relationships. Solid State is a collection of men’s care products for the urban voyager and their range of colognes create a serious allure of addiction. Get yours now.

Gentleman’s Essentials Delivered

There are a dozen reasons why buying your grooming and style essentials can fall by the wayside. Time constraints, apathy or simply not knowing what you need to buy, it’s far too easy to let it slide by. But what if you didn’t have to do the shopping and you could get everything you wanted delivered together in one handy bag each month?

Maintain it to retain it

Most people would know that regular maintenance to a bike or car means you’ll have less problems down the track. This rule also applies to a gents skin and hair. Taking a bit of time to care for it now means that you’ll still be looking a million bucks in ten years time. Head & shoulder new hair retain range has been created to help us blokes keep our thick manes for many moons to come.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer-Holder

Modern men are becoming increasingly aware of alternatives to the grooming products that they were using in their teens and spreading their washing habit wings. And as they grow up, some companies are recognising their customers are changing and releasing new products to cater to their modern consumers. Some companies are even offering entirely new products…

head & shoulders x Old Spice

“head & shoulders with a bit of Old Spice thrown in will see your charisma levels go vertical, whilst exuding the scent of a man, man at the same time” – Nick Cummins

Precision is King

King of Shaves understands that men grow hair, and lots of it. They also understand that some of that hair isn’t in the easiest of places to get to. That’s why they have just introduced their new Precision Trimmer, allowing man to conquer the most sensitive and hardest to reach places; the nose, eyebrows and ears.

Pampering the Money Maker

When it comes to designing products that you didn’t realise you wanted, but end up being game changers once you give them a shot, the Swedes know what’s up. FOREO LUNA for Men has been designed in Sweden and developed with leading dermatologists and estheticians.

Hello Sailor!

Perfect for all styles and a must-have for that ‘just stepped off the yacht look’, the new Men’s Messy Hair Spray from TONI&GUY is the essential addition to your grooming kit. Spray evenly from root-to-tip on wet hair, mess it up, dry it down and say Hello Sailor!

Tame The Facial Fuzz

Taming your hipster beard has never been easier, with the hundreds of products that are currently tapping into the growing men’s facial hair market. But there is one product that can keep you consistently looking the part: Burroughs Beard Oil


The Summer Trim is Here

With Spring just around the corner, its time for gents around the country to do a public service and remove their winter coats before ditching their clothes in exchange for bathers. Luckily, the vanguard of men’s grooming, King of Shaves, has released a trimmer to take care of any body-hair scenario, no matter how scary.


Look Sharp Every Day

For all things hair, TONI&GUY is internationally renowned as the king of product. And for a beginner or seasoned styler, the new men’s Styling Fiber lets you build a whole new look.


A Close Shave Between Hunk & Homeless

The fondness for facial hair is here to stay. In fact, some might say, the most popular accessory for a guy these days is not a hot car or a piece of arm candy but a beard! The guys at Schick threw us a new Hydro 5 Groomer to try out.