Top 6 PS4 Trailers from Paris Game Week

Sony didn’t hold anything back during Paris Games Week conference, releasing over 20 trailers for new games slated for release in the next year. We tackled the difficult task of picking our top 6 that have got us excited for gaming in the next year or so.

Far Cry Primal – Reveal Trailer

Welcome to the Stone Age, a time of extreme danger and limitless adventure, when giant mammoths and sabretooth tigers ruled the Earth, and humanity is at the bottom of the food chain. Welcome to Far Cry Primal.

Cabinet of Pixel Wonders

There’s something about the arcade games of old that modern consoles can’t replicate. Their iconic style once littered arcades around the world, but they have seemingly disappeared for more modern upgrades. However now your bachelor pad can sport of these relics of the past that contain a bit of modern style.


Welcome to the Wasteland – Mad Max Game Review

George Miller’s ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was an undisputed masterpiece. So when the video game was announced, naturally we couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get behind the wheel of Max’s iconic car and tear into the barren wasteland. But can the game possibly live up to the expectations set by the blockbuster movie? TGM’s game guru is here to find out.

Rare Hit of Nostalgia

For many current gamers (and former gamers) games from Rare built childhoods. The company was responsible for dozens of games that formed so many memories and filled up so many weekends. Celebrating 30 years of Rare, you can play 30 of their classics for only 30 dollars.

Mafia III – Reveal Trailer

It’s 1968 and the rules have changed. After years in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: Family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for. Watch the Mafia III worldwide reveal trailer now!


Batman: Arkham Knight – Review

In 2009 Rocksteady completely changed the world of superhero video games with the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Three years later we took control of Batman in an even bigger playground in Arkham City. Now they are bringing their epic trilogy to end with a new tale – Arkham Knight. But does it live up to the legacy?

Adults-Only Game Controllers

These days, video games are no longer reserved for the kids. The video games have grown up and so have the gamers. So it’s time you treat yourself to a set of high quality wood and aluminium game controllers that bring sophistication and adult-friendly vibes to the gaming world.

E3 – 10 Things We’re Excited About

E3 is gamer Christmas, but without actually receiving any gifts. Instead we get dozens of insane new game trailers, tech previews and hardware promos that we get to drool over for the next 18 months. Strap yourself in the the Great Manifest’s Top 10 E3 Wrap Up.


The Witcher 3: Game Review

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been one of the most anticipated game releases in recent years, promising to finally make use of the current gaming hardware. But is it worth your time? Short answer: yes. Long answer: hell yes.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – Trailer and Gameplay

It’s now become an annual tradition for the latest Assassins Creed game to drop us into a new world of adventure. Well now we have our first look into the latest tale, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, which drops players into Victorian London for some good old fashion fisticuffs and top hats.

Guitar Hero Live Launch Trailer

It’s probably been years since you considered picking up your plastic guitar and tapping out your favourite tunes in front of the TV. But Guitar Hero will always hold a special place in the hearts of a gamers, inspiring a new generation of music fans and guitar players.

Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Released

As Scarecrow unites the Rogues Gallery, including Two-Face, The Penguin, the Riddler, the Arkham Knight, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, they bring all-out war as they try to take down The Dark Knight, and claim Gotham City as their own.


Your Own Personal Playground

Have you ever wanted to blow up a bear while riding an elephant, shooting at a foreign army with a grenade launcher? That may be an unnecessary question because the answer is definitely yes. The highly anticipated Far Cry 4 puts that power (and more) in your hands as you fight to free a nation from tyrannical rule.


You Say You Want a Revolution?

Blood on the streets, constant riots and the murder of high profile historical figures; the French Revolution seems like the perfect setting for Assassin’s Creed: Unity. But after 7 games, what more can be built on, and can it continue to be entertaining?