Mininch Pen Tool: 6-in-1 Screwdriver

Inspired by the mechanical Pop-a-Point pencils of our youth, the Pen Tool by Mininch is an easily loadable and changeable screwdriver. The hexagonal barrel is cut from solid aluminum and is the solution to all of your screwdriver-related needs.

Robotic Mowing Precision

Mowing is generally wouldn’t be high on your list of weekend activities. For those more interested in spending time relaxing in the garden than straining, the Husqvana 305 Automower may be the mowing robot for you.

The WORX 20v Brushless Drill Makes An Impact

With WORX always being on the forefront of power tool technology, it’s no surprise they have decided to develop a new range of brushless tools perfect for around the home and the job site. The WX292 20V Impact Driver is the perfect tool for almost any job, delivering unparalleled performance and ease of use.

Ding Dong: (Sledge)Hammer Time!

First there was Thor’s Hammer, then King Arthur’s Excalibur, now – we enter the age of the Ding Dong. Gerber, producers of world-leading multi-tools, axes, handsaws, machetes and other outdoor equipment, has released its pride and joy in Australia – the ultimate impact tool – the Ding Dong.

Lil Trucker Has Big Game

You may not drive a truck, in fact, chances are you don’t. But that doesn’t mean you need to pass up on one of the niftiest survival multi-tools going around. From the team that brought you the original Trucker’s friend, comes the mighty Lil Trucker – a compact powerhouse with a tool for every occasion.

The Dime: Essential Spare Change

It’s not uncommon to find yourself a few cents short of a purchase and a 10 cent piece is all you need to get over the line. Such was the premise for Gerber’s latest multi-tool – the Dime: a compact and lightweight utility gadget that’s as essential to your pocket as the spare change you need for your morning coffee.

An Easy to Reach Ratchet for Hard to Reach Places

GearWrench are the leading ratchet company in the US. Known to put innovation at the forefront, they create unique hand tools that have been designed with the ever-changing mechanical landscape in mind. This innovation is prevalent in the groundbreaking one-of-a-kind Drive Gimbal Ratchet.

Boys Light Up

Another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that??” gadgets that’s practicality is only overshadowed by its simplicity.

Slides Like a Glove

Two years ago WORX introduced the SD Driver, the first fully loaded automatic screwdriver, which changed between bits with a simple pull of a slide. Now, the SD Driver has been reloaded with a brand new game-changing capability.

Cuts Everything But Your Mate’s Grass

WORX is in the business of making power tools that offer the best in efficiency, power and reliability. The 20V Worxsaw is their latest addition to an already comprehensive range of power tools.

Corded and Cordless Combo

The idea stemmed from an observation that home owners love the uninterrupted power of mains electricity but can often be limited by the length of their power cord. The Ryobi ONE+ Hybrid Line Trimmer allows users to take on any task no matter how heavy as well as providing the freedom to go the extra distance under pure battery power.