14 Modern-Era Bond Movie Locations to Visit

James Bond is a man of the world, with enough passport stamps to make traveller envious. With Spectre set to start rolling out into cinemas around the world over the next few weeks, Hostleworld are celebrating with a look back on some of the exquisite locals featured across the last few films that you’re able to visit.

Manfrotto BeFree Travel Tripod

Lugging around cumbersome tripods, lenses and flashes is never fun, and sometimes the best photo opportunities require a quick set-up. Manfrotto heeds the call of photographers worldwide and lightens the load with their new compact and super-sturdy BeFree Travel Tripod.

A Roll-Top Board Bag For The Intrepid Surfer

Everyone knows that perfect, uncrowded waves are an absolute rarity in this day and age. One of the main issues to scoring yourself an empty setup on the reg is that they are generally a pain in the ass to get to . The Wayward Roll Top Board Bag has been designed to protect your board, wherever the hunt the hunt for waves may take you.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Flying can be a stressful ordeal for some travelers and sometimes requires a stiff drink to calm the nerves. Passengars up the front of the plane are well taken care of, but those in the main cabin need to look after themselves. Time to improvise.

Gifts For The Man Who Has It All

We’re all about discovering services to make our lives just that little bit easier. Man Mail is a unique men’s gift service that will take the guess work out of any man-present that you’re likely to have to purchase ever again.

Carry On In Style

Kiwi label Alchemy Equipment recently designed a bag to comply with IATA (International Aviation Transport Association) guidelines for ‘carry-on’ dimensions, and the result is a thing of pure style and sheer masculine beauty.

Bellroy Passport Sleeve Offers Style & Protection For Travellers

Transiting through airports and border crossings can be a stressful and chaotic time. Worrying about where your passports, tickets, credit cards, arrival forms, visa documents and foreign currencies are at any given time doesn’t help either. Bellroy, the purveyors of quality and stylish leather goods, have produced a passport sleeve to help ease that stress by keeping all of your prized possessions in one organised and slim sleeve.

Everyone Needs a Good Wingman

They say a good wingman is hard to find. Well it just got a whole lot easier thanks to two clever Aussie mates. Frustrated after cycling to work and removing suits from backpacks with more creases than an elephant’s behind, these guys knew there had to be a better way. The Henty Wingman was born.

Pack-It Like a Pro

Everyone knows the sensation of trying to cram in as much as possible into their suitcase and then having the dreaded realisation it’s just not going to fit. Eagle Creek’s new Pack-It Cubes gives those familiar feelings the flick and makes saving space and organising your bag a breeze.


Hey Douchebag! Carry Your Skis With This!

With a name like Douchebag, this Swedish luggage brand already has your attention. The passion project of a Swedish pro skier, 2 Norwegian engineers and 150 skiers, boarders, surfer, designers and luggage handlers, the Douchebag is the ultimate travel bag for skiers, snowboarders and surfers. And now they have lifted the game again with The Douchebag 2.0.

adidas Carves Up Japan

Japan’s snow scene has been growing over the past few years as the rest of the world is now finally clued in on the heavy snow fall and beautiful scenery. But if you ever wanted proof of the quality of skiing and snowboarding available then look no further than the latest web series from adidas.

The Ultimate Transporter

Osprey’s latest range of ‘carry-all’ bags, the Transporter Series, makes it easy to see why they are in their own league when it comes to all things luggage related.

The Daily Bag for the Urban Traveller

With a focus on comfort and functionality, the new Victorinox VX Sport backpack range is the ideal companion for the urban commuter who desires the unique combination of affordability and practicality without sacrificing a sleek, modern design and flawless style.


How to get dudes doing the washing

It’s not everyday that you can get a group of guys to fight over who gets to do the clothes washing. That was before the Scrubba hit the travel and outdoor scene. The lightest and smallest washing machine in the world!