The Rusty Toothbrush Crew Hit The Slopes Meribel, France

Rusty Toothbrush is a collaboration of Professional snowboarders, filmers, snappers, groupies and flossers that have come together to make magic things happen in mystical places.

The Rusty Toothbrush brethren  recently went on a small “Vacation” to the infamous DC Chalet in Meribel – France.

They  destroyed a self-built a mini-park, dropped off cliffs, snowboarded 360′ around the chalet, lit bonfires, and partied their pants off.

Check out more madness from the whole crew right here right now!

Riders: Alex Stewart, Victor Loron, Giacomo Erriciello, Gabriele Baj, Nick Hyne
Production: Alex Stewart
Film: Francesco Zoppei, Brad Smith
Editing: Alex Stewart, Brad Smith
Animation & Post: Francesco Zoppei
Color Correction: Brad Smith, Alex Stewart