Fairtrade Rum: Drinking with a Conscience

Staying true to its brand name, Noble Spirits has launched its first Fairtrade Rum in Australia: FAIR Rum. A great drop to pour over ice or mix in with your favourite cocktails, FAIR Rum features notes of chocolate, coffee and grilled bananas. Sounds superb, right?

Originating in Belize, located deep in the Caribbean, South of Mexico and East of Guatemala, the Rum is made from molasses and aged for five years in American oak barrels.

The sugar cane is grown using organic and sustainable farming methods on small farm plots. Each stalk is carefully hand harvested to maximise the yield and protect the land. Furthermore, growers are all members of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA). Fairtrade conditions, which serve to add value to their production, are certified (FLO-CERT / Max Havelaar).

Noble Spirits guarantees higher margins to the farmers and also donates 2.5% of its turnover to finance local development programs. A rum already acknowledged at the European Rum Fest April 2014.

FAIR Rum is available from a range of nation-wide suppliers and online retailers, check them all out here.

*700mL 40% Alc / Vol*

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