Garden Ale – Stone & Wood

Australia’s beer pallet has progressively evolved from pissed-up bogan to full-flavoured connoisseur and gone are the days of us Aussies settling for a mediocre lager.  Stone & Wood have long been leading this charge with their fruity concoctions and their latest special release, the Garden Ale, is yet another well-flavoured string to add to the Byron Bay-based brewery’s already flourishing bow.

2015-02-17 11.19.19

The Good

The Garden Ale features the distinct citrus aroma that we’re all too familiar with at Stone & Wood and this is balanced with a clean malt character. A crisp bitter finish tops it off, making the Garden Ale a quintessential summer beverage that will undoubtedly be enjoyed all year round.

The Bad

The only bad thing about this beer is that we only got to try two of them. And given how much we enjoyed them, this is actually a huge travesty.

The Bottom Line

Stone & Wood suggest it’s alcohol content (3.8% alc/vol) makes it the perfect sessionable beer and we find it hard to disagree here at the Manifest. But whether you’re drinking to set a record or simply to wind down after a long day, it really doesn’t matter, with a Garden Ale in hand you’ll find what you need.




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