Get Over Your Hangover

Forget the coke and fries on the way home. Bypass the Berocca and the bacon and eggs in the morning. Don’t even think about the bloody mary or hair of the dog. HeadsUp is the new hangover treatment set to change the way you party forever.

We’ve all been there – You’re out with friends, enjoying a few quiet drinks and then a few more wouldn’t hurt. Shots appear and before you know it you’re partying like it’s 1999. There is only one problem, it’s NOT 1999! It is Thursday night and you have to work tomorrow.

HeadsUp is a new Australian product scientifically formulated to relieve the symptoms of hangover. Before you call bullshit on this one, give it a try. We did after a particularly frivolous engagement party, and despite some skepticism the hangover was barely there come Saturday morning! There’s an argument that this kind of thing might act as a placebo – after all,half the battle is psychological when you’ve stumbled through the door at 4am – but even if it is a placebo, you can’t argue with the absence of a sore noggin’ come recovery day.

Here’s the science according to the HeadsUp white coats; When your body breaks down alcohol it produces toxins like acetaldehyde, which can be blamed for hangover symptoms like headache, nausea and grogginess. Other ‘hangover products’ on the market mask the symptoms of hangover, whereas HeadsUp helps the body eliminate these hangover toxins.

Would recommend!

  • Single packs (one night out) $9.95unnamed
  • Six packs for $49.75
  • Twelve packs for $99.50