Homemade Gin Is All Yours

The Homemade Gin Kit contains everything you need to transform a generic bottle of vodka into a unique and delicious home-blend of your very own gin. These are the essential tools needed to bring the art of creating small-batch gin out of the distillery and into your hands, including a hand-selected blend of juniper berries, botanicals, spices and aromatics.

The process is simple and easy to follow: 

1. Obtain a generic bottle of vodka – the cheaper the better.

2. Add the gin ingredients – a 36-hour, two-step juniper and botanical infusion.

3. Strain the gin using the tools provided.

4. Enjoy! You’ll be left with two bottles of tasty small-batch gin for you and a friend… if you feel like sharing.

Start making your own gin by picking up a kit for yourself here.

The kits will set you back $49.99USD

HomeMadeGin Kit_2 Gin Martini