Tea Vodka is Here and You Need to Try it

Tea vodka. Not familiar with it? Neither were we, but it’s a thing. And based on the success of Australia’s first tea vodka, LongLeaf, it’s a thing you should seriously consider.

LongLeaf Tea Vodka was born of a desire to combine the intricate flavours of handpicked Sri Lankan tea and organic Australian vodka. The end result is a spirit that deserves to be featured in every connoisseur’s liquor cabinet.

It’s Australia’s first tea vodka and was launched back in 2013 by Sydney resident Ram Krish. LongLeaf is distilled in the Hunter Valley using certified organic vodka, pure Australian rainwater and hand-picked Ceylon tea.

Produced in small batches, LongLeaf is credited for its unique, supremely refreshing and all natural taste with a hint of sweetness and crisp tea finish.

LongLeaf’s uniqueness and winning flavour combination was recognized globally at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition where it was named the world’s best tea vodka and the best flavoured vodka in Asia Pacific after a blind tasting.

In fact, LongLeaf rated so well it knocked over similiar offerings from from global giants such as Absolut, Svedka and Belvedere. Now there’s an underdog story we can get behind!

You can pick up a bottle at Dan Murphy’s outlets across the country.

Head to www.longleaf.com.au for more information.