TGM x Huckberry Collaboration

Huckberry is essentially a collection of everything you’ve ever wanted in one place. Powered by a team that tirelessly combs the web for the coolest products and gear, Huckberry is an online store that is unlike anything else. Outdoor gear, camping gadgets, clothing, footwear, writing utensils, grooming products and more. If it’s worth having, you’ll find it on Huckberry.

So with this in mind, The Manifest has partnered with Huckberry to bring you what we think is the very best of the Internet. We’ll be doing regular features with the aim of getting you decked out in what’s hot.

To get things rolling we’ve compiled a list of five things you didn’t know existed but definitely think you need. All found on Huckberry, of course.


Most Modest Baxter iPhone Dock –  USD$58.98 $65.00

Most Modest Baxter iPhone  Dock

Keep things simple with a sleek storage solution for your desk. It holds your spare change, a charging cable, iPhone and a pen in one tidy location. Prepare to be impressive.


Declan Pocket Squares – USD$24.98 $40.00

Declan Microfibre Pocket Squares

An essential accessory for the modern style baron, the pocket square is as timeless as a tailored suit. Declan has brought the pocket square into the 21st century by producing them with a M120 polishing microfibre making it just as essential to your everyday carry kit as it is stylish.


Monkii Bars USD$134.98 $149.00

Monkii Bars_body1

Excuses. We’ve all got them and we all use them, particularly when it comes to working out. Monkii Bars nullify the most cliched workout-evading excuse of not being able to make it to the gym. Attach them to a doorway or a tree branch and voila! Instant gym. Now you can fit a tough workout into the middle of a business trip or halfway through a trail run. No excuses.


Miir Howler 32 oz + Insulated Pint – USD $39.94 $62.00


Imagine a cup that keeps your drink hot for 12 hours or cold for 24, brilliant right? Well it’s that thinking that has propelled Miir Bottles into the hands of thirsty men and women all over the world. Each Howler is vacuum-sealed and features a double-walled stainless steel construction ensuring confident insulation, while the insulated pint is perfect for parties, BBQs, coffee on-the-go and picnics.


Oliberte Mogado Hi fair trade shoes – USD$64.98 $110.00

oliberte_MogadoHi_1 copy

‘Fair trade’ is best known in the coffee and chocolate circles, but now we can add Oliberte’s range of shoes to the list too. Oliberte partners with factories, suppliers, farmers and workers to produce premium footwear in Africa, creating fair jobs and developing the thriving middle class in the process. Every pair of shoes is hand-stitched and features a rugged rubber outsole for extra wet-weather traction.