Wild Turkey’s Oldest Bourbon

The father-and-son master distiller team at Wild Turkey, Jimmy and Eddie Russell have worked together to release the distillery’s oldest bourbon, the 17-year-old Master’s Keep.

The bourbon was barrelled at 107 proof, was 89 proof when dumped and 86.8 proof (43.4 per cent ABV) when bottled; a result of the time these particular barrels spent ageing in stone warehouses.

Described as being smooth and silky, this bourbon transforms into caramel and vanilla sweetness, and finishes with a satisfying burst of spiciness and oak. Some of the distillers
at Wild Turkey are saying that the Master’s Keep is one of the finest sipping whiskies to ever come from the distillery.

This limited edition bourbon will be available to liquor stores national from late August for $200 RRP.