​Parca Equipment Co.

Conceived in Melbourne Australia, Parca Equipment co. is an independent outfitter and manufacturer of men’s clothing, accessories and equipment. Intended for use in the street but designed to withstand the elements in  wide-open spaces of the greater outdoors.

Creating apparel for the traveller, who finds getting lost in a crowded foreign city street just as exciting as a hike off the grid through unknown wilderness, and the urban reveler who wants to look good day-in, day-out. Parca Equipment Co. is a clothing brand you need to check out.

They take inspiration from the classic aesthetic of sportswear and outdoor gear from the golden era while moving forward and utilising advanced manufacturing techniques and functional textiles. The Parca Equipment Co crew travel the globe to find unique fabrics and even develop some of their own technologies along the way.

Bridging the gap between high street-fashion and outdoor practicality, Parca Equipment Co, is likely to find its way into your wardrobe in next to no time.