19th Century Eyepieces Might Just Be Back

Vint & York is a vintage-inspired eyewear shop in New York City with a penchant for the 1920s. Their latest release, the Prince-Nez reading glasses, reimagines a classic design with modern styling for the versatile gent.

The Prince-Nez style was made famous by former US President, Theodore Roosevelt, when he would regularly don the eyepieces in the early 1900s. A rare find in the modern fashion scene, Prince-Nez glasses clip onto your nose when you need to read and fold up to fit in your pocket when you’re on the move. Back in the day they were an unmistakeable symbol of wealth and academic achievement. Vint & York has revived the style and added a range of colours to reinvent the glasses for the modern day, vintage hipster.

Vint & York Prince-Nez Reading Glasses RRP: $109