Lacoste Drops FW15 Sportswear Collection

Dubbed ‘Fairplay’, the vintage-inspired collection celebrates team spirit, sportsmanship and, of course, joie de vivre: a testament to the French way of life. This season’s collection takes on a whole new meaning to previous collections while remaining true to the brand’s sporting spirit.

With lawn greens, luminous navy and intense purple, Fairplay brings about a palette of autumnal shades. The unexpected combinations add an element of surprise still: the vibrant and distinctive colorama is expressed through color blocks spiked with splashes of yellow and orange. The Fairplay collection is aimed at those whose lives play out like a beautiful sport.


013_FW15_LACOSTE_PH3047_Polo_Polo_shirt_DR 059_FW15_LACOSTE_SH2465_Sweat_Sweatshirt_DR 063_FW15_LACOSTE_SH2454_Sweat_Sweatshirt_DR 04.SH6717-00_V3P_sweat