The Accidental Awesomeness of Lanona Shoe Co.

America is no stranger to quality, handmade boots and shoes but few brands can replicate the style and functionality of Lanona Shoe Co. Made to order and built by hand, Lanona Shoe Co.’s range of footwear will stand the test of time and stylishly distinguish you from the herd.

The Lanona Shoe Co. story began when co-founder, Ben Ransom, embarked on a seemingly endless search for a custom pair of quality shoes. Never quite finding what he was looking for, Ben decided it’d be easier to go out and do it all himself. The result is a brand that prides itself on individuality while mixing new ideas with classic styling and quality.

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Lanona Shoe Co. Academic Boot $289.98USD $320.00


Lanona Shoe Co. The Classic $239.98USD $365.00