The North Face Fuse Uno Jacket Is For Serious Climbers

The North Face – a brand synonymous with keeping people warm and toasty in the brutal cold of winter, has raised the bar with their latest range of jackets. They’ve packed them full of new technology and designed a jacket specifically for The Climber, The Adventurer, The Runner and The Rider. In this post, the Great Manifest looks at the Fuse Uno: a high-tech jacket for the serious alpine mountaineer or climber.

This ground-breaking hard-shell jacket is constructed using FuseForm™, an advanced industry-first technique developed by The North Face that enables the jacket to be constructed from a single piece of waterproof breathable fabric, cut in an origami like pattern and then folded and stitched together.

However, what sets the Fuse Uno Jacket apart from traditional jackets is that rather than using multiple pieces of fabric of varying durability and breathability sewn together, the FuseForm™ construction fuses fabrics of different strengths together during the weaving process, resulting is a single sheet of fabric that is both durable and lightweight exactly where required.

This first-of-its-kind design reduces weight and bulk while improving performance and durability. FuseForm™ garments have significantly fewer seams and seam tape, are lighter, less bulky, stronger and more durable, and have a clean, modern aesthetic both inside and out. The result: the most technically innovative alpine climbing shell North Face has ever created.

Fuse Uno RRP: $520.00 AUD

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 **Photo: Cory Richards ice climbing in Telluride, CO shot by Keith Ladzinski**

The North Face Summit Series Campaign, Telluride, 2-2014 - Cory Richards, Emily Harrington

Fuse Uno Jacket 2