Nike Shoes Lend a Hand

Everyone wants the latest pair of shoes from Nike. However, those with physical disabilities aren’t always able to put the shoes on without assistance or can’t find a comfortable pair. Matthew Walzer suffers from Cerebral Palsy and he wrote to Nike hoping to find a pair of shoes that he could put on by himself. Luckily, Nike wrote back.

The result of the collaboration is the FlyEase; a high-top shoe with sufficient ankle support and a new wraparound zipper which opens at the back of the shoe near the heel in one movement. Designed with an innovative Flywire cable system that integrates with a supportive strap, the shoes deliver high-performance stability and the ultimate glove-like fit. Two Nike Zoom units provide responsive cushioning upon impact, and a rubber hexagonal outsole gives you exceptional traction on the hardwood.

The unique zipper design is designed specifically for people with disabilities and allows them to peel open the shoe with one hand, so they can slip their foot in with ease. It should make life that little bit easier for people who have physical difficulties, including amputees, stroke victims, and Parkinson’s sufferers.

The Nike FlyEase first went on sale in July, but Nike are continuing to work on their design. You can check out a video of the journey from the original concept to Matthew slipping on his first pair below. It’ll bring a tear to your eye.