Witness the Fitness: Wireless Headphones Review

These days it’s all about going wireless. Connect via Bluetooth or external network and blissfully go about your day without the shackles of tangled wires and cords. Never one to be left behind, the team at The Great Manifest were keen to get in on the action and test-drive a pair of wireless sports headphones from Raw Audio.

The Good

Bluetooth capability. It may be the obvious choice but the wireless component remains the number one element that makes the Sportzbeatz Motion headphones worth the money. We put them through their paces cycling, running and lifting weights at the gym and loved how ‘unattached’ we were (seriously, we didn’t know what to do with our hands half the time).

The microphone allows you to answer calls on the run (not that you really want to) and the multifunction button is brilliant, allowing you to adjust volume, reject calls, skip or replay songs, and even redial numbers. They also feature a no-tangle cord that wraps around the back of your neck and stays out of your way. All in all, these headphones are the complete package.

The Bad

The in-ear cushions did become a little uncomfortable after extended periods of time (after approx 40 mins of use) but we think that might just be our sensitive ears at The Great Manifest so don’t let that worry you. You will have to be prepared to look like one of those corporate geezers that wear earpiece mobile phone attachments so they can answer hands-free at any given moment. This is a small price to pay to keep the beats flowing as you smash your fitness goals.

The Bottom Line

The Sportzbeatz Motion headphones aren’t designed to replace your fancy over-ear, noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones are meant to be durable, lightweight and make it easy to enjoy your favourite tunes as you hit the pavement or sweat it out in the gym. And in that regard, Raw Audio has excelled. Do yourself a favour and do away with headphones that chain you to your device. Get yourself a pair of Raw Audio Sportzbeatz Motion headphones and raise your fitness game to the next level.