yurbuds Inspire a New Sound for Fitness Hounds

Music is an essential accompaniment to countless activities in life, but none more so than when you’re working out. So you want a pair of headphones that can keep up with the pace and handle the wear and tear as you sweat out your sins. The team at yurbuds have built their reputation on headphones that are designed to do exactly that, so we got hold of a pair can put them through their paces.

The Good

There’s plenty to like about the yurbuds Inspire headphones; firstly, they live up to their promise of never hurting and never falling out. We gave them a solid workout with long runs, resistance training and even a bit of kayaking, they stayed securely in place and were super comfortable. The ergonomic design allows for the great fit and also ambient sounds. This is perfect when you’re running or cycling in areas that you need to be aware of traffic. Big thumbs up.

The Bad

We would love the headphones to have the capability to change songs and adjust the volume on the go. Sadly, this isn’t so.

The Bottom Line

The sound quality isn’t up there with the likes of Beats by Dre but that’s not the point. These are durable, water proof, comfortable and secure headphones for those who take their fitness seriously.

If you want to spare your expensive headphones the wear and tear that comes with working out but need the tunes to keep you going, get yourself a pair of yurbuds Inspire.

A Little Bit More

If you’re like us, you never go far without your headphones. The Inspire headphones are meant to be the basic yet exceptional option for people with an active lifestyle. The bottom line is these head phones deliver, and at $45.00 you can’t go wrong. They come with two sets of ‘enhancers’ to accommodate people with big ears (we assume this is a thing?) and the 4ft cord will serve you well wherever you house your music device.