Z3 -See Winter Differently

The days of simply skiing down the mountain with goggles that are essentially sunglasses are well and truly over. Just look to the Z3 GPS from Zeal Optics, which are not only stylish and functional, but provide you with your on the mountain stats in a convenient heads up display, which you can also share online.

The mountain takes on a whole new perspective with the more advanced optics, improved head-mounted display technology and new 3-D data-capturing features of Z3 GPS. Borrowing the best capabilities of the Transcend GPS line, Z3 GPS has enlarged polarized in-molded anti-fog lenses.

These lenses not only cut 99.9 percent of glare from the sun and slopes to reduce eye fatigue, but also automatically adjust to varying light levels, going from a clear tint in low light, to a dark rose/brown tint in brighter light.

Like its predecessors, Z3 GPS is armed with technology that provides real-time access to performance statistics including speed, altitude, temperature, and time during your run down the slopes. The monitor inside the goggles has been redesigned to be less obtrusive. The system has a stopwatch and chromos mode and runs with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a seven-hour run time.

These goggles now capture ski jump data for analysis of vertical maneuvers. Controls for the system have been moved to a wireless remote that can be worn on the wrist, arm or goggles strap.

Z3 GPS comes with downloadable software that allows you to transfer all data from the goggles to your computer. You can see your fastest and slowest speeds, review individual runs, and see vertical distance covered. The software allows users to manage and “playback” runs overlaid on 3-D Google Earth and share information on Facebook and Twitter.

Z3 GPS RRP: $499