Finally You Can Forget All Your Passwords

Remembering all your passwords is like trying to find a sober German at Oktoberfest. Thankfully there are geniuses out there working to solve this issue with wearable passwords and keys. The Everykey is the latest device to enter the game.

Blurring the line between fashion and security, the Everkey wristband uses Bluetooth technology to easily unlock smartphones, tablets or computers, as well as car and home doors and bike locks (crazy, right?). Additionally it also acts as a password manager that automatically logs the wearer in to their various online accounts.

And stress less if you’re worried about losing your Everkey (and subsequently all your login information) because if you do lose it you can call a phone number or log in to your account and deactivate the wristband. Perfect.

If you want to see this project come to life check out the Kickstarter Campaign. With 19 days to go they have managed to raise about $55, 000 of its $100,000 goal. So it begs the question: Is this the end of remembering countless passwords and worrying about losing all your keys?