Let the Botvac do the Dirty Work

For the past few years, robotic vacuums have been touted as the future of home cleaning. But everything we have been presented so far has been lackluster; until now. Enter the Neato Botvac, the ultimate robot for your home.

Offering powerful ‘true vacuum’ suction, advanced laser guided mapping and navigation, and high performance filters to capture dirt, dust and allergens, Neato Botvac is the perfect household cleaning companion.

The next-generation series introduces two models to the Neato family. Botvac 85 is a premium robotic vacuum ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers, while Botvac 75 tackles the challenges of everyday cleaning.  Equipped with advanced technology and a user-friendly, stylish design, this smart robot works effectively to fight dust and dirt in homes, apartments and even business environments.

Neato Botvac uses patented Botvision™ laser mapping technology to scan, plan and map the floors in your home. Rather than bumping around randomly, Botvac methodically cleans from room to room in record time, while avoiding furniture, stairs and other obstacles within the home.  Combined with its powerful ‘true vacuum’ suction, cleaning your home has never been easier, smarter or more thorough.

Neato Botvac™ is available now at selected retail stores. For stockist information visit www.neatorobotics.com.au

Botvac 85™ – RRP $999

Botvac 75™ – RRP $899