Light Cubed

Generally your camping gear, while good looking, boasts more utility than style. Torches especially seem to adopt the ‘function over form’ way of design. But the Swiss engineers from enevu have combined the two to create an outdoor light that wouldn’t be out of place in the most stylish of homes.

The CUBE Light from enevu fits maximum functionality into a uniquely minimalist design. An ultra-compact LED light source, at 5.2 x 5.2cm, CUBE is an IPX4 splash-proof, useful and reliable companion around the campsite, on road trips and other adventures. You can hang it inside your tent as you get settled for the night, illuminate a romantic dinner table during a power outage, or alert a passing aircraft to your position, making it a reliable companion around the house or campsite alike.

Whether you’re using its powerful LED white light as a camp lantern or its infinite color options for a camp party, you’ll have good reason let it shine just about anywhere. Providing three levels of comfortable light up to 100 lumens, the CUBE can also cycle through an infinite range of colors, enabling you to create the perfect light setting for any situation.

Epitomizing simplicity, the CUBE features one button and six handy modes: low, medium, high (white light), color changing, color lock and emergency flash mode. And the base is available in white, black, blue and red.

The CUBE Light retails for $30 dollars and is available online.

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