Redefining the BBQ

Nothing marks the arrival of summer like an iconic Australian barbecue. If you want to truly impress your mates though, it’s essential to graduate from the school of steak and sausages and offer something a little more exotic. With ProQ’s range of 3 in 1 BBQs you can elevate your culinary game to the next level and have your mates coming back for seconds, time and time again.

ProQ BBQs are the first of their kind in Australia and a gift to the versatile BBQ’er. With the ability to grill, roast and smoke all within one unit, They represent the ultimate backyard-cooking device and an essential item for the upcoming summer.

ProQ BBQs provide a flexible cooking experience that you can tailor to every meal. The uniquely versatile design allows you to increase or decrease capacity as required, saving you space, fuel and cooking time. It works by separating the BBQ into ‘stackers’ that can be easily removed and added; depending on the meal you’re cooking.

Optional accessories provide even more versatility, turning the ProQ into a cold-smoker or even a rotisserie. And with the help of ProQ’s range of recipe ideas and cooking suggestions, your BBQ game will be elevated to the next level.

Prices start from $399.00