SONOS Play:1 – Small Speakers, Big Sound

For years, SONOS has been recognised as the top home HiFi system, but the cost of the wireless speaker system has kept most people at an arms length. However the introduction of the Play:1 speaker brings a dose of wireless HiFi to any part of your home without breaking the bank.

The Good

With clean and crisp sound, SONOS has proved once again why they are at the top of the game for home audio with the Play: 1. Despite its small size, it packs an impressive punch, belting out rich and solid sound without getting boomy or out of control. It’s also not scared to get loud either, and will easily fill a decent sized room without issue or sacrificing sound quality.

Despite being the smallest in SONOS’ Play range, the Play:1 still has some decent weight to it and carries the characteristically sleek design of the entire collection.

The Bad

One of the highlights of SONOS is their wireless internet capabilities, which has been described as a breeze. However, while there were no issues with connecting to internet radio or the SONOS App, the Play:1 had issues with the wireless part, meaning it had to stay plugged into the router. This won’t be an issue for most people, but it did limit where we could put them. If you already own a SONOS Bridge this won’t worry you.

The Bottom Line

Despite some minor connectivity issues, the crystal-clear HiFi sound can’t be beat. And their smaller, super slick design will fit well into almost any apartment or smaller house.

A Little Extra

Stream your favourite audio content across your wireless network safely and securely with the SONOS Play:1 music system. Whether your device runs on Android or iOS, you’re covered. There’s a SONOS Controller app that will let you remotely control your music system from the palm of your hand!

We were also treated to a a subscription to Pandora One, which is a great toy. No ads, top notch streaming, a seemingly limitless selection of music; Pandora One partners SONOS perfectly.