The Impromptu Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

In an age dominated by tech gadgets, a pen can still make a potent statement in the workplace. That’s why Gerber collaborated with law enforcement professionals to develop the Impromptu Tactical Pen. A pen that can write in all weather conditions, break glass in the case of an emergency and handle any sort of physical punishment that you can possibly throw at it. Move over Parker, the Impromptu is the ultimate men’s statement pen.

At its core, the Impromptu is a reliable pen to scribble notes with. But on further inspection, you’ll notice it’s far from your average writing implement. Made from machined steel, the Impromptu Tactical Pen features tempered window-shattering tip design that can be used to defend yourself from an unexpected attack, break a windshield in the event of an emergency, or smash through a nasty case of writer’s block.

And if you think the Impromptu Tactical pen is only reserved for the field then think again. Deadline interruptions happen all too often and keep that work piling up. The beauty of the Impromptu’s rugged and stout design is that it means business. So as you tear through a mountain of paperwork with the Impromptu firmly in your grasp, there’s no doubt your office workers will see you mean business too, and wisely leave you alone.

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