Yamaha Tricity – An Alternative Approach

Traffic congestion is becoming an increasing problem in many Australian cities. When combined with economic and environmental concerns, it’s no surprise to learn that personal mobility is set to tackle these issues.

This week Yamaha launched the first model in their new Mobility Segment – The Yamaha Tricity . This all-new model represents a Personal Urban Transport Solution (PUTS) to the abundance of issues commuters experience daily, like traffic congestion, rising fuel costs, parking availability and an unreliable public transport system. Unlike some other larger and heavier multi wheel scooter-style vehicles, the Tricity has been developed using a completely different approach in which lightness, sportiness, agility and ease of use are the key elements.

New Yamaha Tricity – an alternative approach  Featuring twin front wheels that automatically lean when cornering, the new Tricity delivers scooter-like agility combined with enhanced confidence and an increased feeling of stability. With a strong focus on riding enjoyment, ease of use and affordability, Yamaha’s Tricity is equipped to transform the daily lives of urban commuters throughout Australia.

The Tricity development team has focused on creating a future-proof concept that offers an attractive and realistic alternative for today’s urban commuters. And who better to lead this project to success than Kazuhisa Takano, the man who a short time prior to starting the Tricity project, also developed the chassis on Rossi and Lorenzo’s YZR-M1 motoGP bikes. It’s safe to assume he knows how to make a bike handle in an urban environment too.

Priced just $4299 RRP inc GST

*Colour Options  Mistral Grey (right) Competition White

Check it out here

Yamaha Tricity Highlights:

  • The first Yamaha ‘New Mobility’ urban commuter model
  • A realistic, economical and fashionable urban transport solution
  • Exclusive Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) engineering
  • By far the lightest, most compact and most agile 3-wheeler
  • 3-wheel layout provides riding comfort and a good feeling of stability
  • Closely spaced front wheels give scooter-like manoeuvrability
  • Lightweight aluminium wheels, 14-inch front/12-inch rear
  • Front and rear disc brakes for easy controllability
  • Unified Brake System (UBS)
  • Economical liquid-cooled 125cc 4-stroke engine
  • Fully automatic transmission for smooth and easy operation
  • Low weight of 152kg (with fuel and oil)
  • Large flat footboard and natural upright seating position
  • Full-face helmet space under the seat
  • Double LED position lights and full LED taillight
  • Low purchase price and ownership costs