Boys Light Up

Another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that??” gadgets that’s practicality is only overshadowed by its simplicity.

There’s no more essential element for the outdoors than fire. Needed for warmth, cooking food (and roasting marshmallows) and to brew the all-important instant coffee in the morning. Without it that relaxing weekend getaway turns into cold, dam and hungry experience. Problem is, your trusty Zippo lighter may have a resilient flame but it isn’t waterproof and runs out of fluid quickly. And the Bic lighter? It lasts forever but is no match for the wind. Enter the fireSLEEVE and take your Bic light to the next level.

The high quality thermoplastic elastomer fireSLEEVE takes a Bic and makes it fully waterproof using a special cap, which also makes it float, prevents the gas from accidentally being engaged and even has a gas lock so you don’t burn your fingers. Complete with mounting points for your keys or lanyards, the fireSLEEVE is simply brilliant.