How to get dudes doing the washing

It’s not everyday that you can get a group of guys to fight over who gets to do the clothes washing. That was before the Scrubba hit the travel and outdoor scene. The lightest and smallest washing machine in the world!

The Good

As soon as you open the packaging you’ll have one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments. The Scrubba is essentially a neon green, cross between a dry-bag and an old-school washboard from the days of old.  It’s fool proof, with easy to follow instructions on the bag to follow in case you get stuck (which would be pretty hard).

It holds a sizeable amount of washing (approx 2 days worth at a time), but also weighs less than 140g and packs down to next-to-nothing, which is essential for travel/hiking.

Another big plus is how quick it actually takes to do a load. It’s SO quick. Add clothes. Add water. Deflate. Scrub for a minute or so. Empty and rinse. Wring it out. Hang on the line. DONE. In under 3 minutes!

The Bad

Had a little trouble with the rubber squeeze valve when deflating. You really have to squeeze it hard and on the perfect angle to get it to deflate properly. Once all the air was out of the bag, the squeeze valve also popped open a couple of times mid-scrub/wash, so a bit of water escaped each time. Obviously this would not be an issue outside and it was probably due to TGM being Scrubba rookies.

The Bottom Line

The Scrubba is the perfect practical gadget for holidaymakers, travelers, campers, backpackers or even for washing gym and cycling gear on the go.

This really is a clever bit of kit and a worthy investment that will mean you’ll never have to go searching for a laundromat in a foreign country, or go days in the great outdoors smelling like a rotten onion ever again.

A Little Bit More

It is an Aussie invention (named Australia’s top innovation by Anthill Magazine)

The company behind the Scrubba wash bag (Calibre8 Pty Ltd) support water projects in developing countries (They donated $15,000 last month to charity: water to provide clean water and sanitation to a school in Bangladesh)