The ThermoBall Jacket Designed for Adventure

The North Face ThermoBall jacket is the breakthrough alternative to down insulation. Just as compressible as down, ThermoBall stays warm even when wet for ultimate all-weather versatility.

ThermoBall is a revolution in insulation technology. Unlike traditional continuous-filament synthetic insulations, the small, round PrimaLoft® synthetic-fiber clusters closely mimic down clusters, trapping heat within small air pockets to retain warmth. ThermoBall has warmth equivalent to 600 fill goose down. As a result, ThermoBall can offer light weight, loft, warmth and compressibility of down with the wet-weather insulating performance of synthetic insulation.

The benefits of this insulation is a jacket that’s easy-to-care-for and provides durable mid-weight warmth for adventurers who give their gear a genuine rough and tumble. It also provides all-weather versatility that other jackets can’t match, making it great for layering or on its own.

ThermoBall Jacket RRP: $300.00 AUD

More info available here.

**Photos by Andrew Miller Photography with Johnny Collinson.