Maintain it to retain it

Most people would know that regular maintenance to a bike or car means you’ll have less problems down the track. This rule also applies to a gents skin and hair. Taking a bit of time to care for it now means that you’ll still be looking a million bucks in ten years time. Head & shoulder new hair retain range has been created to help us blokes keep our thick manes for many moons to come.

The Hair Retain collection has been developed to keep your locks irresistibly thick and strong and minimise the snow storms commonly associated with a dry scalp.

The head & shoulders men’s hair retain shampoo works to surround and protect the hair fibres to reduce breakage. The anti-dandruff technology also works to sooth the scalp, leaving it feeling cool and flake-free.

The men’s hair retain tonic is a cocktail of caffeine and vitamins, which has been developed to increase the thickness of individual hair strands while also adding moisture to your scalp to reduce dandruff further.

head & shoulders For Men Hair Retain Shampoo RRP: $6.75 200ml
head & shoulders For Men Hair Retain Extra Strengthening Tonic RRP: $15.99 100ml
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extra strength tonic 2d - hi -res Head & Shoulders - For Men Hair Retain Shampoo 200ml (1)