Luxury Watch from Military Elite

The green beret was the official headdress of the British Commandos during the Second World War and it went on to become a symbol of excellence in the US army. With that in mind Ball clearly weren’t messing around when they named their latest watch after it.

A genuine modern ‘combat watch’, the Engineer II Green Berets is an extremely robust and functional watch that’s been stripped down to the bare essentials. The 43mm titanium carbide case is extremely light but strong against corrosion and oxidation while the screw in crown guarantees water resistance up to 100 metres. This piece’s solid construction is also able to withstand impacts of up to 5,000Gs, plus it’s protected against magnetic fields to an intensity of 4,800 Amperes Per Metre (something that will come in more handy than you may think – magnetism can have a highly detrimental effect on your watch’s accuracy).

Finally, one of the most useful attributes of this watch is that the hands and dial are equipped with micro tubes of luminescent gas, allowing the user to be able to read the time even in absolute darkness. All in all, this watch isn’t messing around; it can handle more than most men can throw at it.

ball-green-berets-cober Green_Berets_ENG