Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect Technology

The new Lyngdorf TDAI-2170, is a stylish integrated stereo amplifier that has set a new standard in sound and features new “RoomPerfect” technology for the ultimate listening experience.

The TDAI-2170 is a fully digital amplifier and also boasts flexible upgrade modules with room correction technology, providing the formula for a sound experience that has left critics and listeners astounded.

With most systems, more than 50 percent of the sound you hear comes from your room, not the speakers. These echoes, reflections, and absorption have a great influence on what you hear. With Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect™ room correction technology, the system will identify the characteristics of your speakers and the influence of your room, taking the room out of the equation. This feature ensures that your speakers will sound exactly as the manufacturer intended to do so every time you play it.

Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 RRP starting at $5,995 for entry level (integrated amplifier only), ends at $7,495 (integrated amplifier with HDMI, CEC/ARC, USB and ADC)

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Lyngdorf Room Perfect Technology
Lyngdorf RoomPerfect Technology