Old Hi-Fi Has New Life

Technology moves at a rapid pace, hastily making your trusty hi-fi equipment obsolete. Finally someone has come up with a device to ensure you stay ahead of the game and your old audio hardware can come with you.

Whether your dad is into Led Zeppelin, the Stones or Nina Simone, he’ll love this clever device from Pure. Simply plug the Pure Jongo A2 Adaptor into your old hi-fi system and connect it to Wi-Fi. He’ll be able to stream music from any device, pure genius! Now there’s no need to get rid of seemingly out-dated stereo equipment. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, the Jongo A2 transforms your speakers into your very own streamer with ease.

The Pure Jongo A2 Adaptor costs $199. It’s available from Harvey Norman or online at www.pure.com/au. If your dad is into style as much as he is into music, check out the range of coloured collars that can be clipped on to the adaptor for $29.