Junojumpr The Super-Powered Personal Battery Pack

In this day and age our smart devices are more power hungry than ever before. As such, there’s now a growing need for serious backup power on hand 24/7. Thankfully the masterminds at JUNOPOWER have developed the world’s smallest jumpstarter, the Junopumpr, a backup power solution capable of charging your smartphone and jump-starting your car battery.

The Good

The light-weight Junojumpr is a super-sleek external battery charger, roughly the size of a small portable hard drive. Packing 6000mAh of transportable power, this compact charging device can fully recharge an iPhone 6 three times on a single charge.

The Junojumpr comes complete  with a high speed 5V USB cable and a dedicated 14V high amperage input cable for charging. It also features a jumper lead cable with a maximum output of 300 amps, that makes jump-starting small two and four wheeled vehicle batteries a breeze.

Aside from being a transportable plan-B power source for your beloved devices, there are a few extra features that make the Junojumpr superior to the competition. A simple LED status bar clearly indicates the amount of power left in the bank, and a built-in LED flashlight is fitted for when you need to operate in the dark. Genius!

The Bad

Not much to say on the bad front. Due to its compact size, the Junojumpr is only recommended to jump-start vehicles under 2.5L. It also needs to be more than three quarters full of power in order to start a car, meaning that there is definitely some limitations to this kickass battery pack.

One of the biggest issues TGM came across was in order to charge your devices we needed to have all of our various charging cables on hand. Some battery packs that we’ve played with in the past come with a universal cable and interchangeable heads to suite different device input ports e.g. iPhone, Samsung, Kindle, Gopro etc.  A universal cable would have been a huge win as a standard accessory with the Junojumpr, but it’s certainly not the end of the world.

The Bottom Line

Everyone has those days when their devices run out of juice, and it normally happens at the most inconvenient of times. The Junojumpr is purpose built for these people in particular. It’s sleek, light-weight and can power pretty much anything you throw at it on a day-to-day basis. A valuable asset to anyone who spends their life on the go.