Tokyoflash Lights Up With Kisai Blade Wood Link LED Watch

If you want all the functionality of an Apple Watch without sacrificing the much-loved style of traditional timepieces, then the Kisai Blade Wood Link LED watch is for you.

It features a rotating LED time display that’s available in vivd red, green or blue and is certainly one of the funkiest and most functional watches you can find for under $200.

The dark sandalwood strap is fitted with Kisai Link technology so you can receive calls, texts, email and social alerts direct to your wrist. Unlike the Apple Watch, the Kisai Blade Link LED watch has phenomenal battery life. A full 3.5hour charge will provide approximately a month’s run time on the watch face, while a 90-minute charge on the Kisai Link strap lasts for 5 days.

The Kisai Blade Wood Link LED Watch $159 from Tokyoflash.