UE Roll Portable Waterproof Speaker

Ultimate Ears have built their brand on producing quality portable speakers that can withstand the demands of an action-packed lifestyle. The UE Roll is the latest product to hit the market from the California-based company and featuring a super compact, fully waterproof design, it’s set to blow the competition out of the water.

Where most portable and waterproof speakers fall short, the UE Roll truly excels. When they say it’s ready for whatever, wherever and whenever you need, they’re right. The UE Roll blasts 360 degree sound that’s loud, crisp and features deep bass that’s too often overlooked in portable speakers. Staying true to its predecessor, the UE Boom, the UE Roll has been designed to be part of one ultra-mobile lifestyle. So you can fasten it to your swimsuit with the attach-and-go bungee cord, or hook it to hiking gear for your next outdoor adventure. And thanks to the tough, premium materials of which it was forged, Ultimate Ears assure us the UE Roll is life-resistant as well as waterproof, so feel free to dunk it, drop it or toss it anywhere.

UE Roll RRP: $99.99USD

UE Roll body 2

UE Roll